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Couples Intensives

Is a Relationship Intensive right for you?

Are you a couple with young children trying to adjust to your growing family while struggling to carve out couple time and me time?

Are you and your partner stuck in endless loops that go nowhere?

Does your relationship need a reset?

If you need serious change in your relationship, and you need it fast, you may need more than couples counseling.  You may need a private relationship intensive.

An Intensive is different from regular counseling because . . .

  • You get 3-6 months worth of therapy in one weekend (in person)
  • You can practice your new skills with guidance to finally break old patterns
  • You won’t backslide in between sessions – you’ll cement new ways of relating in just 2 days
  • You’ll discover the missing pieces that therapists in the past haven’t told you before, including how your mind is wired to keep you stuck, and what you can finally do about it
  • You’ll get a customized workbook of tools and guidelines to keep you from doing things the old way and maximize the investment you’ve made in your relationship

Here are some common questions or concerns that couples come to see Lori for:

My partner and I are so busy with the kids, work, and life that we forgot about our relationship and are unsure how to reconnect?

I’ve lost that loving feeling, can I get it back?

I’m worried because when conflict arises my partner or I either blow up in anger or shut down in avoidance, or some passive-aggressive combination that gets us nowhere.

These are questions that questions that Lori has helped thousands of couples to understand and back to a thriving and connected relationship.  As a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, in practice since 1990, over 30 years, she has successfully worked with couples to improve their struggling relationships.

Why choose a 2-day Couple Intensive? 

You want changes that last, and you want to see them quickly.

You need something laser-focused so you can stop the hurt now.

Working closely, over a short period of time helps us get more done in two days than you might get over six months.

If your relationship is on its last legs and you’re almost ready to divorce, don’t you deserve to give it one last chance?

By the end of our time together, you’ll be able to predict where you get stuck and what it takes to stop that.  And you’ll build the skills to not only get “unstuck”, but to create something better.

When can I expect a result?

If you decide to work with me and I decide to work with you, change will happen before lunch on our first day.

This is the absolute perfect model if you’re craving fast change and want to break old patterns in one weekend flat.

I’ve combined my thousands of hours of work as a therapist with this proven intensive system so I can help you and your partner shortcut hours and even years of trial and error and slow or no progress.

Are you ready to experience profoundly rewarding work in a fraction of the time?

If this speaks to you, take the first step and contact Lori now for a complimentary assessment call at (650) 366-6800.

Lori especially enjoys working with couples with young children.  She believes that couples are always developing and their kids benefit when their parents are happy and connected.

Lori uses a developmental and experiential model, informed by the latest neuroscience and attachment theories, combined with marriage education and solution-oriented skills to help couples communicate better.  The focus is to help couples feel closer and find healthier ways to deal with differences and conflict versus staying stuck in the same old rut of unhealthy patterns of conflict and escalating fights, or withdrawal and avoidance of problems.

Remember there is hope for your relationship!

Click here for more information about your personalized couples intensive with Lori.

Call Lori today at (650) 366-6800 for a FREE phone consultation to see how she can help, and more information about the 2-day couple intensive experience.



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